Black Rainbows release party | w/ Stonewood • Trenta Formiche @ Trenta Formiche, Rome [16 marzo]

Black Rainbows release party | w/ Stonewood • Trenta Formiche

20:00 - 23:00

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Trenta Formiche
via del Mandrione 3, 00181 Roma
16 marzo 2018 Trenta Formiche
BLACK RAINBOWS release party «Pandemonium»
in uscita il 6 aprile su HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS RECORDS

sarà possibile acquistare con 3 settimane di anticipo il esclusiva il nuovo disco! la band sarà in tour quest'anno in Europa suonando in posti esclusivi come HELLFEST o Desertfes
una serata imperdibile per gli amanti di Heavy-psych-stoner-70's rock-doom…

➤ in apertura Stonewood (grunge/stoner — roma)
➤ djset psych e dintorni delle Chicks (Rachel Pellarini & Ljós Berinn)

Since the release of their debut album, Twilight in the Desert, in 2007, Roma rockers Black Rainbows have become one of the most essential acts in Europe’s heavy underground. As the spearhead of an entire movement of Italian bands, They’ve issued five full lengths to-date and are on the precipice of their sixth in 2018, with founding guitarist/vocalist Gabriele Fiori and bassist Giuseppe Guglielmino welcoming new drummer Fillippo Ragazzoni to the fold for the first time. Across albums like 2010’s Carmina Diablo (recently reissued), 2011’s Supermotherfuzzalicious!!, 2015’s Hawkdope and 2016’s Stellar Prophecy, Black Rainbows’ sound has oozed between classic ‘90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe totally tripped-out and all its own. By bringing Ragazzoni on board, the riffs have gotten tighter and are fuzzed as ever, and two years after their last outing, Black Rainbows enter 2018 refreshed and with well-earned veteran status resulting from countless tours, festival appearances, and their track record of absolutely unstoppable energy.
— JJ Koczan —

Formed in Rome (Italy) in April 2014, we had several experiences in other rock bands. We share a passion for stoner, grunge, punk and crossover. Our music is a fusion of all these rock genres. 1st demo was made on Oct 2014 with 3 tracks (Now, Space Goat, Blackout), followed by many live show. We are now working on our 1st album. Rock on!

— h 22.00 — ingresso riservato ai soci Arci + sottoscrizione (5e)
Trenta Formiche
via del Mandrione 3, roma
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