Helm & ATS® Sisters Collective in Rome! @ San Lo', Rome [dal 21 su 22 ottobre]

Helm & ATS® Sisters Collective in Rome!

21 - 22
11:00 - 18:00

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San Lo'
via Tiburtina Antica, 5/b, 00185 Roma
San Lo' & Roma Tribal Meeting present:

Helm & ATS® Sisters Collective in Rome!

✔︎ WORKSHOPS: October 21-22, 2017
✔︎ HAFLA: Saturday, October 21, 2017

We are very glad to host Mark Bell and Ling Shien Bell of HELM for the third time in Rome. The ensemble — based in Fairfax, California — made the history of Tribal Bellydance in the United States in the past three decades. They are considered sacred monters by our dance community. Their deep knowledge in Oriental, European and World Music will make this weekend of intensive study a «must» for dancers and musicians who want to improve the dialogue between dance and live music.

The ATS® Sisters Collective will drive dancers in this unique adventure. This international Collective is made by Isabel De Lorenzo and Silvia Grassi from Rome, Gudrun Herold from Germany and France, Ilhaam from Madrid, and Philippa Moirai from London — all of them Sister Studio of FatChanceBellyDance® collaborating since 2013.

Drummers are also welcome. A specific workshop is been developed by Mark Bell for percussionists who wish to play with HELM at the Hafla on Saturday.

ATS® recommended level: at least three/four years of practice.
Everybody must feel comfortable playing ZILLS.

All classes will be held in English.

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SATURDAY, October 21, 2017 ( total 6 hrs )

WS #1
10:00 AM-12:30 PM ( 2h30 )
Introduction to Helm repertoire and some ATS® classics
w/ ATS® Sisters Collective and Helm
Focus on ATS® technique. Count the music. Look at counts of steps and placement within the phrasing of music. Transitions between steps & music. Transitions between formations thinking of phrasing & music.
We will be working on these tracks:
— “Kako Kolan”, from the album Tribal Spirit (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-tribal-spirit.htm)
— “Ishwini Fik”, from the album Spice Box (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-spice-box.htm)

WS #2
1:00-3:00 PM ( 2hrs )
Dancing ATS® to live music
w/ Helm and ATS® Sisters Collective
Discuss rhythm, phrasing and melody. Show how drummers, dancers, and melody people count differently. Discuss staging and connecting between dancers and musicians.
To zil or not to zil? Musical cues from drummers.
We will be working on the track:
— “Magreb”, from the album Muse Melodic (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/muse-melodic/id379343537)

WS #3
3.30-5:00 PM ( 1h30 )
Powerful Performance Presentation
w/ Philippa Moirai
In this workshop we will delve into all that can make your performance dynamic and memorable. We’ll focus on the use of space, shapes and formations, commanding entrances and exits, stage presence and musicality. This workshop is designed for experienced students wishing to take their performance to the next level.

WS #4
3:30-5:30 PM //// WORKSHOP for DRUMMERS ////
Preparing the drummers for the Hafla
w/ Mark Bell
Level intermediate to advanced.
In addition to the rhythm changes themselves, we consider how to transition from one rhythm to the next, how to cover up when you miss the transition, how to prepare to play a song with multiple changes before you begin if possible. Using your brain to play.
We will study and play the following tracks:
— “Hosanni Oo”, from the album Itneen (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-itneen.htm)
— “Lashir Bekol Arev”, from the album Spice Box (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-spice-box.htm)
— “Jaddelee”, from the album Istanbul’da (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-helm-istanbulda.htm)
— “Amel”, from the album Itneen (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-itneen.htm)
All the musicians who attend the workshop are warmly invited to play at Hafla with Helm on the same evening at San Lo’.

7:30 PM Hafla at San Lo' dance studio


SUNDAY, October 22, 2017 ( total 6 hrs )

WS #5
11:00 AM — 12:30 PM ( 1h30 )
Cymbal patterns, rhythms and dancing to «Hosanni Oo”
w/ ATS® Sisters Collective and Ling Shien
Different finger cymbals approaches to the song “Hosanni Oo”. Some dancers following the Sisters Collective whilst others play zils. If there is more dancers in the chorus, playing the new zill patterns, the dancers following the Sisters Collective could play regular longas, and the chorus will still be heard.
“Hosanni Oo”, from the album Itneen (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-itneen.htm)

WS #6
12:45 PM — 2:15 PM ( 1h30 )
The percussive qualities of fast ATS® Steps
w/ Gudrun Herold
Percussive music with an emphasis on drums offer a lot of texture for the dancer. Let’s have a look at the percussive qualities of the fast ATS® steps to make this texture visible and enrichen your dance! Song to be studied:
— “Lorke Lorke”, from the album Fi’l Waha (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-fil-waha.htm)

WS #7
2:45 PM — 4:15 PM ( 1h30 )
Let's analyze the structure of a song from Helm's repertoire
w/ Ling Shien of Helm
We’ll sing the chorus, hopefully we can do harmony, we’ll play zills to experience how the melody line is flipped on the rhythm cycle. Song to be studied:
— “Na mi Nazuni”, from the album Muse Melodic (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/muse-melodic/id379343537)

WS #8
4:30 PM — 6:00 PM ( 1h30 )
Internalizing concepts, playing and dancing all together
w/ Helm and ATS® Sisters Collective
We’ll focus on transitions and endings, with drills on zills while dancing. Both of these songs keep changing from one 4/4 rhythm to a 2/4 rhythm, it’s pretty dramatic to acknowledge this with your dance!
— “Hosanni Oo”, from the album Itneen (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-itneen.htm)
— “Lashir Bekol Arev”, from the album Spice Box (http://helmmusic.com/music-shop-spice-box.htm)

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✔︎ Full pass* “Early bird” = 190 EURO (payment before August 30)
✔︎ Full pass* after August 30 = 210 EURO
*Full pass = 12 hours of instruction + Hafla
+ San Lo' dance studio association card 5 EURO/weekend

✔︎ Workshop for drummers* = 40 EUROS
*Includes technique with Mark Bell and playing at the Hafla
+ San Lo' dance studio association card: 3 EURO/day

Payments by bank transfer only.

Please e-mail [email protected] asking your registration form to be filled in and our bank account information.

No refunds.

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Via Tiburtina Antica, 5/b
Roma — Italia
tel (+39) 06 4467158
[email protected]
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